Clash for Trash

It feels really good to help each other out and practice good deeds.
Events like clash for trash are powerful because they combine fun with volunteer type work.


The Booth Fairy Project is all about encouraging civic minded duties like litter pick up while making them FUN!  And sometimes silly!

Who doesn’t want to wear a clashing out fit like the good old days in high school (dress is optional)?  If you’re up for it, it’s encouraged to arrive in a clashing outfit .  Go all out with mixing power prints, or just wear two different shoes, whatever level you wanna take it to is great.

We meet, and for an hour, we move through the city and snatch up all the trash we see.  I bring along a blue tooth speaker and we keep it fun and even shake our bum a little to the music!

Participants feel connected and purposeful, and all the people we encounter get inspired to participate in bettering their own world in new ways.   We are hard to ignore with our bright outfits and big smiles.  Witnessing us doing the trash pickup is good for the soul, and for the planet.