Hug Parades

Think flash mob meets love bomb.  


Hugs turn strangers into friends.

Many people walk around with a wall up, guarded. They are hug deficient. And together, we’re going to cure that. The hug parades help break down walls and open people's hearts and minds.

It’s simple. I bring the ‘Free Hugs’ signs and stickers and our group sets off on a positivity parade. 

We stick together, holding signs and moving through the city’s sidewalks giving out hugs, hi fives, smiles and compliments.

Although not everyone likes to hug, we still encourage people to show up and walk with us. They can give out hi fives, smiles or pick up trash along the way. Huggers and huggees get a ‘Free Hugs’ sticker to wear so they can go and hug it forward.

Participants must get permission before hugging someone (get hug consent). This gives people the opportunity to say 'no' to something they may not want and respecting people's boundaries is something I encourage.  

It’s awesome how many people are open-armed and ready to embrace a stranger given the chance. It is healing to participate in as well as witness. The smiles, honks and waves of encouragement from passing cars and pedestrians let us know that the community loves this and wants more of it!

Hug parades can take place in the heart of downtown, a nursing home, shopping mall or VA Hospital. We are all in agreement that this is needed right now, that we could all use a little bit more love.  

Hug deficiency is real.  And it must be stopped :)

Step 1

Get some happy signs (Hug-a-saurus, Gluten-Free Hugs, Free Hi-Fives), a megaphone and some 'Hello My Name Is' stickers

Step 2

grab a group of people and move through town giving out

free hugs, high fives and smiles

Step 3

Congratulations! You're helping to cure hug deficiency and bring inspiration and joy to so many people!

Step 4

bask in the glow of the love drug.  I promise you'll feel better after than when you began.