The Slow Clap Experience

Probably the simplest exercise of them all but, nonetheless, still one of most powerful.




The 'Slow Clap' is a simple, yet profoundly effective exercise in being 'seen' by our peers, and receiving good vibes.  It can be challenging to some because we are not used to having such direct and vulnerable exchanges with one another.  Sometimes the person on 'stage' can deflect and feel awkward at first, but this usually melts away and is replaced with a boost of joy and confidence.

Step 1

Place ‘slow clap’ mini stage platform in a busy sidewalk area.

Step 2

Introduce yourself and invite a passerby to step onto the mini stage platform.

Step 3

Gather a small crowd as you announce a small clap challenge. Start them off clapping slow and start increasing the pace.

Step 4

Reach a climactic frenzy of applause sending renewed sense of love, self worth and possibility to a perfect stranger.